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Selling the Family Home in a Divorce


Divorce and the Family Home

Jen Teske

Licensed REALTOR in Illinois              Technology enthusiast   Smooth Operator - focuses on making the proc...

Licensed REALTOR in Illinois              Technology enthusiast   Smooth Operator - focuses on making the proc...

Jan 5 4 minutes read

A New Year, A New Decision


For many of us, the start of a new year is the start of new decisions. Some of these decisions are small, like eating an extra serving of vegetables every meal or increasing our daily water intake. Other decisions are more life-changing, like embarking on a new career or committing to a major health overhaul. The New Year finds ways to lead us to new starts in life, and sometimes those new starts begin with personal decisions that can be difficult and give us some of the biggest life challenges we may ever face. Divorce is one of those very difficult decisions, and it is not unusual to find many spouses deciding to start off the year making this tough decision.

Divorce is never an easy decision and navigating the process can be overwhelming. One of the biggest pieces of the divorce puzzle is what happens to the family home. For many couples, the family home is a symbol of their life together. The white picket fence, the manicured yard, the family gatherings, the memories. The family home started as a place of excitement. You looked at many homes together before finding the right home for your family. You moved in with one baby and added two more as the years went by. Your children learned to ride a bike in the driveway. You fenced your yard for the kids and their new puppy so they could run and play together with no regard for the outside world. Your home is your landmark on this earth as a family.

The Jen & Jean Team know the heartbreak of saying goodbye to what was once a place of much joy, happiness and great memories. Jen was a young child when her parents divorced. She remembers moving from a home with a large yard to an apartment with a small playground. She remembers the “For Sale” planted in the middle of the front yard. She remembers her last birthday party at the home with all the neighborhood kids.

Jean had 2 young boys when she experienced divorce. She remembers preparing the family home to sell, which was the same home where her parents raised all 12 of their children, including Jean. She remembers the pain of walking out the door of a home that started with great hope and optimism for her family. She remembers having to make the difficult decision to start over in a new community with two young children. She remembers waiting month after month for the home she and her husband once shared together to be purchased by another family.

Jen and Jean have both had their own experiences with divorce and have both come out on the other side with compassion and empathy for families going through divorce. Together they share a passion to combine their personal experience with divorce and their professional experience in real estate to be a real estate team that helps husbands, wives and families as they navigate one of the biggest financial transactions in the divorce process.Have you and your spouse made the difficult decision to divorce? Are you at the point where you need to talk with a real estate professional about the next steps to sell your home? We are here to help, and happy to sit down with you to talk about how we, as a team, can help you and your family through this time. Reach out to us by phone or email. Your conversation with us will be kept in confidence.

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